Portrait Paintings (Modern Fayum)

I employ a technique using a wax medium combined with the finest oil colors on 100% pure belgium linen to create a 'modern' version of the Egyptian portrait painters of the Roman period of 1-3rd century AD. In ancient times, these highly stylized portraits were done during the lifetime of the sitter, or immediately after death, with the intention of preserving the individual's 'presence' eternally. Fayum portraits are characterized by their directness and lack of sentiment, overall flatness, pure color, predominate shape-making and tight composition. They are meant to give some indication of the subject's status, focus and passion in life. These Modern Fayum Portraits can be commissioned from me in any size and done from life and/or a photograph with your choice of costume or background. They, as their Egyptian counterparts, will prove to be classic, timeless and magical testimonies to your personal history or that of your family or friends.

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