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1979-86 Private studies with painter Knox Martin, in painting and drawing
1972-75 Art Students League, New York, NY
1971 Carnegie Mellon University: BFA Painting & Design
1970 Yale University Summer School of Music and Art
Painting scholarship awarded to selected national college art students

Museum Collections :

2012 La Salle University Art Museum, Philadelphia, Pa.-"Soho Penthouses"-acquisition to the permanent collection
2009 The Cahoon Museum of American Art, Cape Cod, Mass.- "Canal Street Crows"-acquisition to the permanent collection

Solo Exhibitions:

2009 Fort Washington Library "Vistas, Urban and Suburban", Port washington, LI, NY
2008 L'Orangerie Gallery, "Passion and Metaphor", LI., NY
2001 Asyl Gallery, "Retrospective", Chelsea, NYC
1998 Asyl Gallery, "Retrospective", Chelsea, NYC
1997 Asyl Gallery, "Retrospective", Chelsea, NYC
1994 Masterson Rothberg Advertising, Corporate Art Program, New York, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2016-1998 Maplebrook Scool Invitational, Amenia, NY-"Serenity in Nature"-5paintings/5prints
2012 Cahoon Museum of American Art, Cotuit, Mass.- "Reawakenings"-3 paintings
2010 L'Orangerie Gallery, "Group Show", 7 paintings, Greenport, LI
2010 Holland & Company Fine Art, 'VERNISSAGE', 2 paintings, Bedford, NY
2008 L'Orangerie Gallery, "Maritime Bold and Beautiful", Greenport, LI
2008 Rheah Gallery, South Korea, 5 paintings purchased for gallery's first opening exhibition in April
2008 Maplebrook School Invitational, Amenia, NY
2007 Kirkland Gallery,"American Town & Country", East 53 St, NYC, Holland & Co. Fine Art
2007 Maplebrook School Invitational," Glories of Spring", Amenia, NY
2006 Holland & Co. Fine Art, private group exhibition in Irvington, NY
2006 Ernest Rubenstein Gallery/Educational Alliance "Painting the Metropolis: Visions of Lower Manhattan by 19 Contemporary Artists", NYC
2005 Holland & Co. Fine Art "Artists from the 19th Century to the Present"-Bedford, NY
2005 AuroraJeanneArt, "Renewal"-Brooklyn, NY
2004-1998 Maplebrook School Invitational- Amenia, NY
2004 New York University- "Small Works"-80 Washington Sq East Gallery-NYC
2003 Kismet Gallery-"Contemporary American Artists"-East 75 Street,-NYC
2003 New York University-”Small Works”-80 Washington Sq East Gallery-NYC
2002 Tribes Gallery-”10th Anniversary/Charlie Parker Festival”-E.3rd St.,NYC
2000-1997 Holland & Co. Fine Art “Artist’s from the 19th Century to the Present”- Bedford, NY
2000 Pittsburgh Watercolor Society International Exhibition-“Aqueous Open”- Pgh., PA.
1998 New York University- “Small Works”- 80 Washington Sq East Gallery - NYC
1996 New York University- “Small Works”- 80 Washington Sq East Gallery - NYC
1996 Chuck Levitan Gallery- “Christmas Exhibition”- Marisol, curator- NYC
1995 Westbeth Gallery-”People United to Rescue the Arts”- NYC
1995 Yale University- Parents Foundation- New Haven, Conn.
1994 Andre Zarre Gallery -“Figuratively Speaking”- NYC
1993 Brigham Young University- “Drawing 1993”- Salt Lake City, Utah
1993 Chautaugua Art Association-“Group Summer Exhibition”- Chautauqua, NY
1992 Ward-Nasse Gallery- Larry DiCarlo/ Fischbach Gallery, curator- NYC
1992 Tribeca 148 Gallery- “Real Paintings, Real People, Real Pictures”- NYC
1992 Wiesner Gallery-“Finer Points of Life”- NYC
1992-1991 Limner Gallery -“Small Works” & “April Salon”- NYC
1991 Hudson River Museum- “Chords and Dischords”- NY

Public Art Projects and Commissions:

2015 Acrylic painting "Soho Skyline" for Katrine West on Louis Vuitton soft canvas handbag, Tribeca, NYC
2015 Oil painting "Sahara" for Kathleen Scully, Pittsburgh, Pa.
2014 Oil painting "Soho" for Kevin and Katrine West, Tribeca, NYC
2013 Oil painting "TriBeCa" for Kevin West, Tribeca, NYC
2011 Oil painting "Battery Park Downtown" for Fred Rich, Visionnaire, Battery Park, NYC
2010 Oil painting of "Mei Mei and Poppy's Beach House", Margaret Jones, Calif.
2005 Oil painting of the 68' Ferreti yacht, "The Debris", Hyannis Marina, Mass. for Melanie Kokoros
2004 Oil painting of a W. Village scene for Pete Colombia of Colombia Futures, COMEX, NYC
2000 Oil painting, "Nossa Senhora D'Ajuda", for wedding gift from Holland & Co. Fine Art, shipped to Bahia, Brazil
2000 CD cover painting - “High Heels and Red Roses”- for Latin Jazz artist, Cecilia Tenconi
1998-1993 Prince Street Post Office, NYC- solo exhibition-”New York Cityscapes”
1997 Outdoor Cement Relief Panels at C&S Properties Industrial Complex- Plainview, Long Island
1990 Mural Project and sculpted oak frame for Eli Wilner- private New York residence.

Selected Corporate and Private Collections:

*Conor Hovis, NYC, 1 painting
*Ana and Aidan Carr, private collection, Ireland, 1painting,1watercolor,lithograph, prints*Kevin and Katrine West, Tribeca NYC, 2 oil paintings
*Margaret Jones, Private collection, Manhattan Beach, Calif., "City Hall & Clocktower" and 2 other oil paintings
*Kathy & the late Vincent Scully Jr., private collection, Pgh.,Pa., paintings, watercolors and prints
*Frederic Rich, private collection, Battery Park, NYC, "Battery Park, oil painting
*Soo Jin Choi, private collection, South Korea, "Coney Island" and "Central Park", oil paintings
*Blanca Rosa De Leon, private collection, Flowers on a Fish Plate", oil painting
*Omasta Oil & Gas, corporate collection, Smithton, Pa., 1 painting, "Pink House in Oyster Bay"
*Patrice Bertin, private collection, France, "Tulips and a Mirror" oil painting
*Claire Isabelle Delancray & M. Di Bella, Mezey, France: "Con Ed Clock" oil painting
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Etz: private collection, Dusseldorf, Germany: "Union Square" oil painting
*Reah Gallery, South Korea, "Hydrangea & Yellow Chair", "Central Park (south)", "High Heels and Red Roses", "French Rose", "Coney Island" oil paintings
*Dr. Harald & Elke Einsmann: private collection, London, UK: "Shigeko", "Crows Over Canal Street", "Flurries", "Big doll, Little Doll, Red Ball" oil paintings
*Jorge & Melissa Avila, NYC: oil painting: "OAXACA", NYC
*Supreme Court of Venezuela: 2 prints of NYC paintings/1 lithograph of Soho, NYC/2 giclees-"Wall Street" & "Union Square"
*ASCAP: New York Snow Painting selected for the Irving Berlin Room, part of permanent collection
and Cover of 1993 CD,“The ASCAP Holiday Music Special”
*Pete & Monique Colombia (Colombia Futures, COMEX, NYC): private collection: "Brooklyn Bridge", "Airplane Over Soho", "West Village Winter" (commission) oil paintings,
4 prints, 2 ceramic plates
*Dylan & Sandra Campbell: private collection, NYC: 5 paintings, 2 watercolors, 2 drawings
*Christopher & Susan H. Lee: private collection, NY: 4 paintings
*Barbara Brennan private collection: drawings published with author’s works
*Eli Wilner & Company: private collection, NYC/Florida: ceramic sculptures & lithographs
*Jeff Kafthefer: private collection, NY: 4 paintings
*Holland & Co. Fine Art Inc.: private collection, Bedford, NY: 1 painting
*James & Ryan Kogel: private collection, Long Island, NY: 5+paintings, drawings, ceramics, ceramic sculptures
*JJ Kogel Construction Co.: corporate collection, LI, NY: ceramics, ceramic sculptures


"Painting the Metropolis" The Educational Alliance Webpage, October through November 2006
“Some Art Fresh from the Street...” Villager, July 26 1990
“A Bit of SoHo Comes to the Island” New York Times, November 24, 1985


Before the culture vultures out of ineptitude turned to polemic and agenda as substitute
aesthetic, to be a painter was a relatively simple-- that is, deceptively simple-- occupation,
provided one had some talent. The joys of color, shape, texture, refracted
from direct observation and imaginative conjecture, were all that was needed in their
infinite varieties of realization by capable hands. That seems long ago, doesn’t it?
One of the reasons for this sense of distance is that the language which once applied so
naturally to the practice of painting-- words like vision, image, creative--- plus that
overworked genius-- have been cannibalized to inertia by the advertising profession
and those dunderheads of Artspeak. Even the word plastic now refers more to acrylic than
to its original sense as in “the plastic arts.”.
Yet some of us today very much alive keep those older and more venerable joys readily
alive despite the fact that the culture vultures almost willfully fail to notice. Joni Scully is
one of them and the joys alive fully thrive from her efforts.
One should routinely remark that she is of Irish-Swedish extraction, born in Pittsburgh, Pa,
in the Leo days of 1949, and after a BFA at Carnegie-Mellon, a scholarship to Yale University
Summer School of Music and Art, three years at the Art Student’s League, that her primary
influence was the teachings of Knox Martin, then also add that probably her
priority of influence was the regular act of hanging about the Metropolitan Museum, simply
soaking up as much as her sensorium could hold. She is sensitive, skilled, sensitized ---- a
vessel for all worthy impressions, developed by her into demanding compositions of-- yes,
color, shape and texture. Add to this a penchant for dance flamenco and salsa, a natural gift
for family, a love of tradition as refreshed transition to the ever-present present and you
have something of a hunch as to what her work is about. She gobbles, digests, projects. It’s
those lovely joys of yore here offered on walls for their own particular osmosis right back
DAVID X YOUNG 9/97 (painter/author of “D X Young’s JAZZ LOFT”, 2001)


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